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For one More Day by Mitch Album

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Essay Preview: For one More Day by Mitch Album

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"Catch!"Steven tossing Matt's shirt to David who caught it and threw it to someoneelse, Matt's shirt was being thrown around from one end of the changing room tothe other. "Give it back!" helplessly Matt cried, the boys had put his shirt onone of the higher lockers that Matt couldn't reach, Matt was short for his agehe was amongst the shortest in his year group, luckily the Gym teacher passedby and helped him get his shirt. Matt gratefully thanked him, put his shirt onand ran off to the next lesson he was 5 minutes late already, fortunately - thenext lesson was maths, the teacher Mr. Cocayne was especially nice to Matt, Mattliked everything about him his tender voice, his warm eyes, his calm nature... Mattis his best student, he could do difficult algebra that sometimes even Mr. Cocayne himself cannot do, like no other studenthad he been so affectionate towards, he was the teacher's pet and everyoneknows that. Matt knocked quietly onto the door "Mr. Cocayne, I'm sorry I'm lateI had some issues in the changing room" Matt shot Tom a look and turned back"I'll make up for any lost time." Mr. Cocayne laughed "No worries sit down andjust don't be late next time" The blinds were always down in Mr. Cocayne's classroom,even though the window looked out a beautiful view. Matt's classmates werestill struggling with adding decimals, when Matt was at least 5 years moreadvanced having to teach his other classmates who were confused where to putthe decimal point.



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