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Colombian Exchange

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Paul 6-3-10

global history Mr. Breen

Few men have had a greater impact on human history than Christopher Columbus. His voyage to the Americas changed the world. The global exchange of goods, ideas, plants, and animals, and diseases. The Columbian exchange was a series of Atlantic trade routes linking Europe, Africa, and the Americas. During the 1400's several things helped improve many aspects of life. Although there might have been negative effects to this great exchange there has been many positive effects too.

During the 1400's there has been many improvements made for explorers and navigators. One new invention that was made was, the magnetic compass. The magnetic compass was built by the Chinese to guide a explorer through their dangerous voyages. Another invention that was made during this time was, the portolan maps. The portolan map was used by navigators to find their way to key ports. The caravel was a great example of cultural diffusion during this time. This ship was built faster, and lighter for explorers. Astrolabes were used since ancient times, all a explorer had to do was look through the device at the sun or stars which would determine the ships latitude, and local time. The 1400's was a great turning point globally. The renaissance played a great role in the helping of navigators and explorers.

With these new inventions the Columbian exchange brought several positive effects to the world. European ships heading to and from the Americas carried exotic species, and plants. Another important source that was taken during the Columbian exchange was, Silver and Gold. These coins were extremely helpful to Europeans because it made the country wealthy and gained more power. The Western Hemisphere played a great role when it came to crops. This side of the hemisphere carried corn, potatoes, beans, chili peppers, cocoa, squash etc. the effect of Europeans being exposed to this type of food, the population grew rapidly.

On the other hand during the Columbian exchange there were quite a number of negative effects to Columbus' voyage. The native American population declines by millions for the years. Although slave trade was a positive effect for the Europeans it can also be considered a negative effect because, the Europeans were taking families away from each other. One of the most effective point during this time was, the diseases being transported to the native Americans from the Europeans. Although this only one thing that might have been a negative effect to the Colombian exchange, it played as one of the most disturbing.

The Columbian exchange has made a great impact on the world both negatively and positively. Columbus has been one of the few men to have such a greater impact on the human history. Although theses voyages were considered extremely dangerous, Columbus mad a great



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