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Childhood Education

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As I enter into the early childhood education I'm learning different ethical codes and

responsibilities on how we suppose to treat, and respect children. (1.1.5 to create and maintain

safe and a healthy setting that foster children s social, emotional, intellectually, and physical

development and that respect their dignity and their contributions).Section 1 on the NAEYC code

of ethical conduct stood out to me because when you in the field working with children as well as

parents that is important to remember. As professionals we are suppose to care about the well

being of the child, with that being said we should recognize and respect each child even if they

have a disabilities. We have to build a bond with children so that we can gain their trust, as well

as the trust that we gain from their parents. From the discussions I have read I've learned that it

takes a special person to work in the early childhood field not just any person can do it , you

have to have a heart and be very understanding, and professional. You have to establish and

maintain relationships with trust, respect, confidentiality , collaboration, and cooperation with

co-workers (Section II I-3A.1). Having dignity is very important. As individuals we should

acknowledge our responsibilities so that we set examples and can be leaders as well as role

models. Enclosing there are going to be some difficulties in life for example some one will try to

take advantage of you in some way form are shape, because you are a good, honest person they

think you may not know any better to do better. In this case you will have to take the lead and if

have go to your supervisor do so. Also that can include in different religion and beliefs, and

culture. Although NAEYC of ethical conduct is a valuable resource that address many of the

potential to work effectively with young children but have difficulties, that's when we have to

make discussions based on our morals and ethical nature on what we would think would be the

best choice and that will help our children in the best way possibly. Remember when we entered

this filed we have committed ourselves to



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